Top 5 apps for travelers

It seems that today’s best way to have lots of fun and get rid of the depressive loneliness is to travel! Travelers from all over the world had made a ranking with 5 best dating apps that will make you interested if you love to discover new places and to make new friends.



Planning a trip and no one desires to go with you? No worries! With Tripr you can connect with travelers who want to visit the same destination like you or even locals with same interests. Download the app, choose your destination ans start looking for people who are living where you are planning to go or who wanna travel there.


Yuusk is the the most exclusive website for traveling. Travelers say that sometimes this website is a bit too selective and too rigurous with the verification process. However, they do admit that all those strict rules make the website safe and selective.


This app is location-based and it connects people who share same interests. For example if you are in a park and you want to meet travelers just open the app and search.


It’s the kind of app that gives you the chance to find people who are in the same location like you and suggest an activity.


Sometimes it’s very boring to travel alone, so if you need a a companion this app allows you to connect with strangers and choose the activities you wanna do together.